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Rescue Engine 6

Rescue-Engine 6 is a 2022 Sutphen Monarch Custom Pumper, powered by a 450 horsepower Cummins motor, and propelled by an Allison automatic transmission. This unit seats six seat belted firefighters; driver included. Each position, including the driver, is provided with a complete SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus… a.k.a. Air Pack).
This unit is equipped with a 1500 GPM (gallons per minute) Hale Q-Max pump, carries 1000 gallons of water, along with 30 gallons of foam. The foam tank is pre-piped to the pump, where an around the pump proportioner evenly mixes the foam. This rig is also equipped with a 6KW Smart Power generator for providing electricity on emergency scenes.
The firefighting capabilities of Rescue-Engine 6 include all the standard firefighting equipment, appliances and hoses commonly found on a Class A pumper, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. Specifically, it carries 1000 feet of five-inch supply line and 400 feet of three-inch supply line, equipped with a gated wye. For fire attack, it is equipped with four separate 1-3/4” hose lines of varying lengths, up to 300 feet, along with a single 2-1/2” blitz (attack) line, which is equipped with a solid bore nozzle. This line is 250 feet long. Finally, when a large, heavy flow of water is required, there are two separate Master Streams. One Master Stream, commonly referred to as a deck gun, is mounted to the top of the vehicle. The other is a portable, ground-based monitor. It comes with a solid bore nozzle and a combination fog nozzle.
The rescue capabilities of Rescue-Engine 6 include all the equipment and supplies commonly found on a rescue vehicle, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. In addition, Rescue-Engine 6 carries a number of specialized tool systems important to the work we’re sometimes call upon to perform.
For significant rescue incidents, Rescue-Engine 6 carries the E-Draulic (Hurst) System, which includes a Cutter, Spreader, Combi Tool, and two Rams. These tools are battery-powered and very capable. There is a charging station mounted to the rig. It is wired so extra batteries are always charging when Rescue-Engine 6 is plugged into the fire station shore-line system. In event the need arises, we can also charge the batteries using the truck mounted generator. Another option available… We can bypass the batteries, running the tools off electrical power supplied by the generator, but tethered to the rig with an electric cord. These features provide redundancy for worst-case scenarios.
Rescue Engine 6 carries a full complement of the Hurst Air-Bag system. Air Bags are a lifting system which can be utilized in very specific situations. For stabilizing vehicles, it’s also equipped with the Rescue 42 system, which comes with four struts. For anchoring unstable vehicles, Rescue 42 struts can be deployed in several different configurations, providing reliable and safe stabilization of vehicles. The intended use of the Rescue 42 system is only limited by the imagination and resourcefulness of firefighters.
As we sometimes arrive on-scene ahead of formal EMS resources, Rescue-Engine 6 is equipped with basic EMS equipment and supplies. Many of our members are Emergency Medical Technicians – Basic certified. Should we arrive before EMS resources, we’re fully prepared to begin patient care and support.

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