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The Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is actively recruiting both experienced and inexperienced individuals who wish to serve as a volunteer Firefighter or EMT. As a member with the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., you gain superior experience in the fire service by working with the members of the fire company, who have great pride in helping the community, by being the best we can be. It is also a very rewarding opportunity for anyone who is dedicated, hardworking, caring and compassionate. We are looking for individuals who have a desire and passion in their heart to give back to the community and to be a part of an organization that is a home away from home. As long as you have the desire, we will help you with the rest. Membership opportunities are available for Firefighter, EMT and Administrative positions.

College Students

The Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. is privileged to have a College Campus located in the first due. We offer membership opportunities to any college student, in or out of State. Each student will have to undergo the normal membership process.
Membership Benefits

Free Fire and EMS training

State of Maryland tax credit
Annual Awards such as Firefighter of the year, Top Responder, etc.
Opportunities for advancement
Free Wi-Fi
Bunk room with bathroom and shower
And much more

Minimum Qualifications

One time application fee ($10)
At least 16 years of age
Clean criminal background
Maintain a passing average in school (for High School students only)
Attend company meetings and training
Participate in fundraising events

Application Process

Complete an application
Undergo a criminal background check
Voted in at company meeting
Gear assignment and Fit Testing
PAT Tag and Membership ID
In house training (10 hours for applicants with training, 24 hours for applicants with-out training.)

Applicants from other companies are asked for a written letter of recommendation from the Chief or President of their current fire company.

***Administrative Members only, will not have to go through in house training***

To apply or visit the station, stop by, call 410-778-3434, or contact us below




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