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2020 Presidents Award

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Every year, the “President’s Award” goes to a member whose contributions towards the success of the company’s mission has been deemed invaluable by the Fire Company President. President Dave Eason has selected James B. (Brad) Russum as the 2020 recipient “President’s Award”. Brad is a Board of Director and the Deputy Chief on the Fire Operations side.

At the start of 2020, no one knew that a serious pandemic would strike the world and severely impact the way routine business is handled. One of those routine things is the bimonthly business meetings of  the fire company, held to pay bills and discuss important company business. These meetings are mandated by our Constitution & Bylaws.

With public assemblies limited in numbers by Executive Order from the Governor’s Office, this presented the fire company with a significant challenge. How to conduct required meetings while respecting the Governor’s mandate? The obvious answer adopted by thousands of groups everywhere… hold meetings virtually. This would allow us to handle business and keep our members safe. From the beginning, Brad was instrumental in assisting President Eason with adopting a Virtual Meeting format. Brad took the lead in acquiring the necessary software. He acts as the fire company online host for our virtual meetings, which we have continued to use even now.

Please join us in congratulating Brad Russum as the 2020 recipient of the “President’s Award”.

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