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Monday Training

Tuesday, August 24, 2021
This evening, members participated in our bimonthly (1st & 3rd Monday) company drill. Tonight, members were given the opportunity to inspect the new tools and equipment, destined to be part of the complement for our new, custom built Rescue-Engine, currently on-order with the Sutphen Corporation of Ohio.
Members went “hands-on” with some of this new equipment inside the station. With the air bag system, Assistant Chief Grapes briefed members about this system’s capabilities, and demonstrated the correct procedures for setting it up, then breaking it down. Air bags are just one option we have available to execute an emergency lift. Assistant Chief Grapes also went over the new, self-contained Hurst hydraulic rescue tools. The components of this system are two spreaders, two rams, and an O-Cutter. These tools are nearly identical to ones already in-service with the Chestertown VFC. Finally, Assistant Chief Grapes talked about the new “Rescue 42” stabilization system. These struts are designed to stabilize any vehicle or piece of machinery that may be unstable / in a precarious situation. This protects any patient that may be trapped / pinned and protects our personnel while they work to extricate that patient. We already carry the Rescue 42 system, and it’s value has been proven time and again.
Photographs by members of the Chestertown VFC.

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