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2022 Statistical Report

Friday, January 6, 2023

In 2022, the Chestertown VFC responded to 660 calls for service with 712 individual unit responses. While we responded to 660 calls, not every call is a ‘Fire.’ We respond to a wide range of emergencies including motor vehicle collisions, unintentional fire alarm activations, and wires down, and yes, we respond to the occasional cat stuck in a tree. We are a 100% volunteer staffed department and our dedicated members spent countless hours of training to ensure your safety and provide the highest level of care and skill in any emergency situation to the citizens of our community. We have made it our duty to provide service for others and to act in the most professional way possible. With that, we hope for another successful year, and we thank you, our community members, for your continued support.

We are always accepting new applicants. If you are interested in the fire service and would like to become a member, please visit our website for an application or visit the firehouse anytime. We are eager to share this experience with you.

Calls are grouped into five categories:
Local Box – Single unit responses such as Fire Alarms, Vehicle Fires, Wires Down, etc.
Fire Box – Multiple unit responses such as Structure Fires, Boat/Marina Fires, etc.
Rescue Box – Motor Vehicle Collisions, Machinery Entrapments, Elevator Rescues, etc.
Medical Box – Medical Emergency or Manpower Assists
Hazmat Box – Odor of gas inside/outside, gas leaks, etc.

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Incident statistics

Jan - 47 Jul - 53
Feb - 50 Aug - 56
Mar - 36 Sep - 41
Apr - 53 Oct - 62
May - 55 Nov - 41
Jun - 40 Dec - 0
Yearly Totals:
2023 - 534 2022 - 658
2021 - 577 2020 - 527

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