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Inside the Station - Member Spotlight

Sunday, June 7, 2020

At our regular meeting on Monday, June 1, 2020, we selected “Life Member” Harry C. Everett for the “Inside the Fire Station – Member Spotlight” to profile this week. Most people may not know him by his given name, but they probably do know him as “Sonny”.  Still? Others may know him, but not know his name. However you may know Sonny, he is easily recognizable as a mainstay of our community. For as long as this writer can remember, he has been popular with everyone he meets.

Sonny joined us back in 1976, nearly 45 years ago. Since then, he has remained a constant force here in the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company. Although his situation does not allow him to participate as a firefighter, his contributions to our mission have proven invaluable. That continues to be so, even now. 

Sonny has served numerous terms on our House Committee, the internal organization charged with maintaining our building and grounds. During his tenure with us, he has also served on “New Truck Committees”. These committees work to customize and design new apparatus that meet our community’s needs. One of the most important roles Sonny has fulfilled is that of “Security”. Before our station was modernized to utilize electronically coded locks, we used keyed technology. Frequently, doors would get unlocked for various reasons. Through oversight, occasionally doors would remain unsecured. Provided with the necessary keys, Sonny would faithfully stop by the fire station every night and check the doors. Should he find an open door, he would lock it, ensuring the station was secure and safe for the night.

Sonny is a great friend to the fire company and all who walk through our doors. With great emotion, we thank Sonny for his years of faithful, dedicated service. We wish him well going forward and sincerely pray there are many years to come for our friendship and his service to the Chestertown VFC.

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